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Want a gig at Box?

If you would like to play a gig at box email; (Thursdays, Saturdays, and any other enquiries)

or (Wednesdays and Fridays)

NB. Send Soundcloud links apposed to MP3s, aint nobody got time for that!

We expect bands to do a significant amount of promotion themselves for their shows in BOX – eg. Social Networking, Texting, Postering, Facebook Event etc

Playing at BOX Info Video!

Set Times:

  • Gigs in box run from 8pm till 11.45pm
  • Soundchecks are from 6pm – if you cannot make it for a soundcheck we will be able to get you a line check before you take to the stage.
  • All bands are given a 30 minute set.
  • Stage times are allocated on arrival – if you have any restrictons which limit the time you can play please let us know.


Box provides a full backline for the use of all the bands who perform on our stage aswell as our in house sound engineer to make sure your gig runs smoothly.

Please find the Tech Spec for our backline below:


  • Mapex VXB 5 Piece Kit – Kick drum, Snare, Rack Tom, 2x Floor Tom.
Bass Amp

  • Ashdown MAG300
Guitar Amps

  • Blackstar Series 1 Combo
  • Blackstar HT 60 Stage Combo

  • 2x Marshall 1960 Lead (4×10”)
  • + 4 Stage Monitors.